Managing The Complete Lifecycle of Lost Property

From 'found' to 'reunited' or 'recycled', outsource lost property management to CLPS and you cut the cost and burden of reuniting items with their owners, or disposing of them ethically and sustainably. Here's how it works...


An item of lost property is handed to a member of your team.


In seconds, your team member logs the item on the CLPS app or via web. They hand the item to your lost property team.


You choose whether to store the item for 30 days or hand it straight to us. We’ll then store for up to 90 days at secure CLPS locations.


Owners contact your Lost Property. You notify us. Once we verify ownership, we return items by courier.


We ethically and sustainably resell, repurpose or donate any unclaimed items.


We send you (or your chosen charity) a rebate for resold items.

Who uses CLPS?

  • Travel

  • Hospitality

  • Arenas & Festivals

  • Tourist Attractions

  • Universities

  • Healthcare

  • Police

  • Government

  • Insurance Companies

Why use CLPS

1 Because we reunite more owners with their lost property

Traditional lost and found returns less than 15% of lost property to its owners. Thanks to image recognition, smart search and more, CLPS achieves up to 97% success.

2 Because we’re your sustainably focused lost property partner

For any items we can’t return, we resell, recycle or repurpose what we can, and donate what we can’t - so even your lost property has a sustainable story to tell.

3 Because we pay you

CLPS uses a simple annual subscription fee model, costing less than most of our clients single head count cost for a year. And because we offer rebates on any items we resell, your lost property could actually earn you (or your chosen charity) a little extra.

4 Because you decide your level of involvement

Keep lost property on site for up to 30 days or hand it to us immediately.

5 Because our technology does more

From reducing fraudulent insurance claims to giving the police anonymous access to item data to help reduce crime, we do more than reunite lost property with grateful owners.

6 Because you don’t have to use our lost property services to benefit from CLPS end-of-life property disposal

Have lost property you need to recycle, resell or retire? Ask us.

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